Monday, October 06, 2008


The cops are now driving past my house every hour or so. I am glad they are watching, those people make me nervous.

The babysitting scammer had the balls to send me another e-mail asking me to hurry and send my info. I have reported them to everyone I could find including Craig's list and g-mail. I am tempted to write back and ask them just how dumb they think I am.

Knitting: Dad's 2nd sock was almost done until I realized I had made the leg 10 rows longer than the 1st sock. Duh Sandy maybe you should learn how to count. Lucky for me the yarn holds up to frogging well. I will re knit the heel tonight. I finished another of the gift hats too. I put the Red Lady sweater on hold till I get the gift knitting done. I will not fall into the late night Christmas eve knitting like last year.

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Lorena said...

For some reason, your scammer story is making me think of this and this...!