Thursday, October 30, 2008

How Green is my Gansey

The photo isn't that great but is does show the color of the Gansey Socks pretty well. The yarn is Dream in Color Sock in Happy Forest. The bright leafy greens make me smile. I have the first leg done but need a camera battery. The pattern really pops in the semi solid colorway.
I now have all the gift knitting done with the exception of my in laws. I still have time too. I really should knit another pair of socks for Hubby too, and maybe socks for the kids, and something for the teacher... Yeah maybe I'm not so much done. I do have the must knits done so at least that's something. Right.
I took a part time job. I am working 3 nights a week from 6-9:30 and one day on the weekend. My first real work day is Sunday. The hours are perfect. Still lots of family time.
One more thing... VOTE! Sorry to scream but please go vote next week. It really is important.


bockstark.knits said...

are you SERIOUS - you have all your gift knitting done??? geez, you're good!!!

meg said...

That's great yarn and a really fun pattern - glad you're enjoying it. Even though you're a freak for finishing your gift knitting already.