Thursday, October 09, 2008

Free the Knitters

Dear Government People,
We knitters need this stuff in the picture. Pretty yarn. Pretty yarn we knit into socks to keep our family's feet warm in the cold winter ahead. We can't afford to heat our houses so wool socks are vital to our heath and well being. We need to feel like it is ok to spend our money. Please tell us in plain English how you are going to fix this mess and do it. I am tired of feeling sick every time I watch the news. I need to feel better about the outlook for my kids future. If I feel better about that future I will feel better about today. If I feel better about today I will buy more yarn. This will help the artist whose yarn I buy. Which in many cases allows them to go out and buy more yarn and knit more socks. Isn't this sort of thing good for the economy? Help a knitter out. You see you are also scaring all my buyers away. I think a lot of fiber artist would tell you the same thing. I don't want to know who made the mess anymore just sit down and fix it. Put your bickering aside and do what ever it is you are going to do. Act like grown ups and get something done that shows us how things are going to get better. We know its going to take a little time but some hope would be good right about now. Some good news. Some problem solving, some showing of progress somewhere that shows you folks are not once again blowing smoke up my butt. Come on guys you make a good living to get next to nothing real done. Come on show me how life in America is going to be better for my children and their children. Get our country moving so they get a better world. The knitters need to have money at the end of the month for the yarn for the socks. We need to be able to feed those family's and send them to good schools. We need them to have air to breath and wild places to explore. Come on help us out. That's what we pay you for. That's what you are asking us to vote for you to do.


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