Tuesday, October 28, 2008


So life just keeps moving here at the funhouse. I am starting a part time job tonight. We really need the money and I need time out of the house so its win/win. Hubby's show closes Friday night so I will more nights free to work. I just hope I can still find time to hang out with Hubby once in a while.

In knitting news: I got new winter hats knit for MB and myself. MG's still has hers from last winter and Hubby still loves his We call em Pirates I made last winter. The gift knitting is almost done. And the muff has been frogged yet again. I just did not like the way it looked so back to the drawing board for that one. The turtle neck warmer pattern is done. I will post it soon.

In shop news: There are some new colors in the shop right now. Go check them out. Please?

Politics: 1 week to go! Make sure you get out and vote. I had a call from Lee Terry(R house NE) last night. he was doing a tell- town hall type thing. I found it very off putting. I hung up only to have them call back and leave 5 minutes worth on my voice mail. The dude will not even say what party he is with. Looks like he may lose next week. The national press is not even talking about Nebraska but I think it could go either way. There are no McCain/Palin signs out but lots of Obama signs. Could NE go blue? Unlikely but I bet Omaha/Lincoln will. I plan to take MB and vote right after I drop the kids at school. I am guessing the lines will be long but I don't care I will wait as long as it takes.

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Shells said...

I saw the "we call 'em pirates" up close, it was very well done!

I chose the mail in option for voting. A nice young Obama campaigner wandered by one Saturday afternoon, when I told him how busy I was he made sure I had the info for a mail in ballot. I was well pleased with that!