Saturday, February 07, 2009

In a Rut

I was knitting along on blanket squares the other day and found myself bored to death with everything I am knitting. Just blah about the whole thing but knitting on anyway. I think I will do a little stash diving today and see if I can find something to keep me interested.

We have had 2 afternoons in a row of 50 degree weather. MB and I have been playing outside and now I have a cold. Not too bad just enough to have to blow my nose a million times a day and make me feel again blah.

I have been paying attention to Congress and the rescue/bailout/spend crazy amounts of money thing is really driving me nuts. We all remember the election. We know who won and who lost. I hate this party line fighting that seem to be going on right now. The GOP with help from my own party messed things up pretty bad and Congress seem more interested in bickering. Do they know that they are making things worse every day?

In brighter news: There is a chance that Hubby and I will get to do a show together. It won't be until summer 2010 but it is a show we haw been wanting to do for a while now. I can't saw what show just yet but trust me it will be killer! We are waiting for approval from the board of the theatre. I will say there will be lots of really fun stuff with this one. I can not wait. I love to figure out how to stage things or build a really strange prop and I will have a lot of that kind of thing with this one.

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sunnie fairy said...

hi! I just wanted to let you know I got some of your yarn in my Phat Fiber box, and I LOVE it! :] Thanks!