Monday, February 16, 2009


I have still not decided what to knit with the lace weight. Shells suggested a nice shawl which led me to another by the same designer which led me to another. So I decided to wait. If I get the RMLCB done I may take it on vacation. Speaking of the RMLCB I have 1/2 of the squares I need finished. I also have about 25 squares knit for my sock scrap blanket. The good news is I can knit these squares in my sleep now.
I fixed a hole in one of my socks yesterday. It looks bad but it works. This is a skill I need to master. I also started a 2 row striped scarf for the gift pile. I really like the way the 1x1 rib looks. I am trying to learn to rib a little faster. I knit pretty slow to begin with but ribbing really slows me down. I figure when this scarf is done I should be up to speed with the ribbing.
I am off to take some pictures of yarn and the scrap blanket.

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