Saturday, February 28, 2009

New and returning colorways

Grand Lake. Grand Lake , CO is where the Lt Col was born. I happen to think it is one of the most beautiful places in the Rocky Mountain West. The water looks so clean and blue there. By the way Mom, we will take you there this summer. There is a cute little shopping area with wood plank sidewalks and some really good restaurants.

Elderberry Wine. One of my first memories of the theatre was going to see My beloved uncle Joe play Teddy in Arsenic and Old Lace. To this day it is a favorite of mine. There is a great movie version of this with Cary Grant. Whatever you do don't Let Abby and Martha serve you any Elderberry Wine. I was in this show once myself. I played the dead body Teddy takes out of the window seat and carries to the basement as well as the dead body Johathan and Dr Einstein shove through the window and into the window seat while I was at the Notnthern Lights Playhouse in the summer of '94. I listed myself in the playbill as Alex Owen.

Bad Pantsuit.
In the summer before my freshmen year of college I did summer stock theatre. One of the shows was an Irving Berlin Musical Review. I am not an actor but everyone had to be in this so. Anyway to make it worse I had to wear a one piece pantsuit in the above colors. It made me look like a short may pole. My self and 4 other girls dressed the same did The Sun in the Morning and the Moon at Night. A little dance number with big umbrellas with suns on them. You can stop laughing at me now.

I will be putting these and 2 more in the shop this weekend. There will be a chance for you to win 2 skeins of BunkyBobo's worsted very soon. I picked up some more dye pans yesterday. This should speed things up a bit. Remember if you see a color you like on a base yarn you don't just let me know. I can repeat these.

In a side note, Watching Congress has become my new favorite reality tv show. Some of the conflict seem so silly to me I have to laugh. You can't make this stuff up. How will it end? Will anything get better? Can we vote people off? Now wouldn't that be a fun way to have elections? Can't you just see Seacrest standing on stage with Mitch McConnell and John Boehner.
" well guys you're in the bottom two tonight, one of you is going home..." I bet more people would vote...

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