Thursday, February 26, 2009


A quadrillion comes after a trillion. I wonder when the Goverment will start using that number. Yikes.

Anyway on to the yarn shall we? Above is the new and improved St Crispins Day colorway on the new BunkyToes base yarn. 3-ply superwash merino wool 425+ yards. I love the new base yarn. It is soft and squishy. I will have 5 new colorways in the shop this weekend. Including Grand Lake, and Elderberry Wine. Very excited. I have been playing with colors you don't see me use often. Monkey Boy is helping too. He likes to put the yarn in to soak. He is good about not tangling it up. Both kids are a big help with BunkyBobo's. It is so much fun to do this with them. Bunky is in charge of getting the lip balm ready to go in the package while Bobo and I get the yarn tagged and bagged. They are both growing up so fast. I am so happy I have this time with them.

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ikkinlala said...

That's a gorgeous colorway!