Tuesday, February 24, 2009


In knitting news: I have finished the back/sleeve part of my Tubey and knit about an inch of the body last night. So far so good. I have not touched my other projects in a day or 2. Maybe I will knit on some socks this week.

In BunkyBobo's news: I am dyeing yarn like crazy around here. I want to have plenty in my shop when the next PhatFiber box comes out. There will be new colorways and restock of some colors. Bunky and I are going to make new lip balms for spring this weekend so you can look for new flavors in your orders very soon.

In other news. Mom and Dad got Hubby a Home Depot gift card for christmas. We went last night and got paint for the family room. Goodbye yellow! Bobo wants to help me paint. I have a bad feeling about this.

In the world around us: Anyone else wondering what comes after a trillion?

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