Friday, February 20, 2009

New yarn and stuff

These 2 skeins were dyed in the same pot at the same time and they came out so different. I love kettle dyeing. You dump everything in the pot and see what you get. So fun. It does make it hard to get skeins that come out the same but that is half the fun. I have 2 more colors drying right now and my sock yarn should be here very soon.
I will be sending stuff to PhatFiber again for the march box. If you have not gotten in on the PhatFiber thing you should really click the link. We are having a great time over there and people really love their boxes. I am very excited to be a little part of this group of artist. Bunky helped me get all the lip balms in their little bags with the cards and such. She love to help with the shop whenever she can. I let her pick a new flavor for BunkyGirl Lip Balm. Root Beer Float anyone? We will be making those for summer.
I seem to have castonits I cast on for a sweater. Tubey from Knitty. I started this sweater before but frogged it because I didn't really like the black yarn I was using. This time I am using Patons Classic Merino from Michael's. I like this yarn. Sturdy and soft enough for a fitted sweater. I knit the back and 6" of sleeve last night while catching up with the dvr.
Idol? Meh... maybe it will get better?
Hubby and I watched the New HBO Doc Right America: Feeling Wronged. The filmmaker is Nancy Pelosi's daughter,Alexandra. People really say anything to someone with a camera. I wonder if any of them regret it now.
Also Heroes, getting very interesting. no spoilers from me.
And Bill Mahr is back tonight. Good sleeve knitting tv.
So what are you watching?

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Beautiful colors!