Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Not much new knitting to report. I have started a new pair of socks and the blanket knitting continues.

In other news: I have sent in an application for Bunky to go to the new focus school here in town. The program sounds great. Her school year will be longer (Aug 4-June 24) and her school day will be longer. She wants to go if we can get her a spot. The student/teacher ratio is 20:1 and the computer ratio is 1:1. The theme of the focus school program is Leadership through Technology. I think she would do really well in this type of program. She is outgoing and smart and pretty tech savvy already. We will find out in early March if she gets in. The program will take her through High School. If she gets a spot we would be able to get Monkey Boy in to when he reaches 3rd grade. Fingers crossed.

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