Monday, February 09, 2009

Miranda for PhatFiber

Here is the yarn I dyed up for PhatFiber. You can get some here. I wanted something really one of a kind that I could not repeat even by chance so I started with a base yarn that was a stone colored heather. I am really proud of these skeins. It was hard to send them off to Jessie. I really hope I get to see what someone makes out of it. I would love to see it knit up.

I just want to thank Jessie from PhatFiber for the challenge. She sent me a Waterhouse painting and I ended up choosing another painting by this artist. Miranda is one of Shakespeare's Heroins from The Tempest. I happen to love this play. It is full of interesting people and creatures and magic. It is also a play that Hubby and I did together in college. We took the show to festival, good times. This was a fun project. I am thinking about some more of this kind of over dye. What do you think?

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PhatLady said...

Please do!!! I want to keep all of them for myself!! I think I might actually have to keep at least one- they are just toooo beautiful!