Thursday, November 13, 2008

Still no sun

There is still no sun to be seen here in the heartland. I thought I saw a bit this morning but by the time I dropped Bunky at school it had gone. Bummer.

I was at Miss Violets the other night and she is having another one of her clear outs. Books, yarn craft stuff you name it. I came home with some purple worsted wool and 2 skeins of lace yarn. What am I thinking? I am not really a lace knitter but the color is so pretty and I'll try anything once. I think I will let it sit in the stash for a while. Maybe I'll use it for vacation knitting next summer.

With Holiday prep well underway here I can report that not only is my gift knitting done but the only people I have to shop for are the kids and Hubby. No kidding, everything that needs shipping is already here waiting for gift wrap and a trip to the post office. I rock! Truth be told I have been gift knitting all year. This worked out great for me. Sort of a one gift one project for me kind of thing. Makes for much less knitting related stress in the fall. I highly recommend it. I can now spend all winter knitting whatever I feel like.

I picked up some undyed worsted wool today to dye up for the shop. I hope to get on that this weekend. Anyone have a colorway request?


Jessie said...

I'm jealous you have all of your knitted gifts done.
Your colors rock... you'll come up with something great.

bockstark.knits said...

You are SO on the ball! I am usually pretty good about christmas but this year I was a slacker!