Monday, November 24, 2008

Bail Out

I have been watching the news about the overnight bail out of Citi Group. I am just so sick of my tax dollars going to rich people. Why not help some of those small businesses everyone says are the life blood of our economy? Not only does Citi get a bail out but the dummies who messed the company in the first place get to keep their jobs and huge paychecks. If we are saving these companies with tax payer money I feel the morons who made the mess should have to pay. It is starting to feel like the government just does not care about us middle income families anymore. If I hear that we can not raise taxes on the rich one more time I may scream. January 20th can not come soon enough.

In other news: MB Blankie border is well under way. I have about 1/4 of it done so it will be done on time.


Shells said...

May the anger make you knit faster....

I am sick unto death over this farce we call "free market."

Jessie said...

And the auto makers need to wake up and smell the carborator fluid...Stop making SUVs and Trucks and start making solar panels!

Knit on.