Friday, November 14, 2008

What does the sun look like again?

Still no sun here. I can handle the cold but a little sunshine would be nice.
Yesterday Hubby came home early and told me I had a flat tire. No way I had just been driving and it was fine. Well sure enough I hit a screw in the driveway and the tire was flat as could be. The nice dude at Wal-mart said He thought it could be fixed but the screw was too close to the side wall and store policy won't allow him to fix it. Then he says he does not have the right tire in stock and I will need to buy 4 new tires. Yeah right buddy. I told him to forget it and left. I am sure he thought he could get me to buy new tires I don't need. Oh yeah Good times! Hubby says he will take is somewhere to get it fixed.

In knitting news: I had to rip back my February lady sweater. I found a mistake that I just couldn't live with so I will start again after the holiday.

In shop news: there is not much, The merino worsted is soaking. I have not had any sales in a while. I blame this on the bad news about the economy we see every night. No one is buying anything right now. and everyone is hurting. I hope the Government people stop messing around and fix something so people stop losing jobs. GWB seems to be an empty suit now. Counting the days until he can go back to Texas. It can't happen soon enough for me, Maybe Obama can get something done.


Jessie said...

The sun will come out, tomorrow.. bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow...

Shells said...

You did see the SNL skit "JUST FIX IT!" right? I laughed, but so wryly because it was so true.

Pam the Yarn Goddess said...

You're not the only one who's slow. We've hardly sold anything at all, as you can tell from what I've sold of your work. But my ad comes out tomorrow in IK, so I'm hoping that helps. Hang in there - knitters can't resist buying yarn forever. :)