Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Today is the day!!!

I just got back from the polls. I had to wait about an hour to cast my vote but it was worth it. Never in my life has there been an election like this one. I feel like this is what it must have been like for my Dad when he campaigned for Bobby in the 60's. I feel like I am standing at a crossroads of history. This is the day my country can chose to change for the better, This is the day we all stand up and use our voice to say we will not put up with anymore Bull Sh*t. This is the day we chose to move forward. This is the day we show the world what America is all about. Today there is hope for a better world for my kids and all of our kids, This is the day we have all the power to bring real change to our country.

So please, if you live in the USA and you are reading this. Please I beg you get out there and vote, Wait as long as it takes, don't take no for an answer, cast your vote. The very life of our country depends on it. The future of our children depends on what happens today. Please, please, please go vote today. Even if we disagree on who to vote for please go vote.

If you are an Obama person, don't think for a second we have this thing in the bag! GO VOTE!!!

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Shells said...

There is no "in the bag" considering the losses in prior elections. I am glad to hear that it was fairly painless! Also great to hear that we don't seem to be having "voting issues" here.