Saturday, November 22, 2008

What is it?

This is one of the things I saved from the dumpster last year. I think it is a Lute but I have no idea really. We have sold a bunch of stuff from there and done better than we thought we would. I can't find one like it on line. It says Rhapsody on the top and has 8 strings. Other than one broken string and the fact that is so out of tune. It is in perfect shape. Hubby could to tune it if we knew what to tune it to. I have a feeling Two Sock Knitters might know this one.
in blankie news: I am at the point where no matter how long I knit the thing does not seem to get any bigger. He is a little kid so it does not have to be as big as Bunky's. I plan to knit nothing else till its done. Two weeks no problem.


Jessie said...

for some reason "Lute" came to mind.

meg said...

I think it might be some kind of a mandolin. Usually lutes have more than 8 strings. I was going to say bouzouki, but it's too small.