Friday, November 21, 2008

Wish I was there

Here is yet another shot from our last trip to the rockies. There is a great little picnic area there and lots of paths for hiking. It is just so peaceful there. It has been a mad house here the last few days. I had a ton of stuff to take care of for the PTO at Bunky's school, and as always plenty of parents to complain but none to help out. This is my biggest problem with PTO. People want stuff to get done but they don't want to give a few hours to help out. Grrr.
So enough of that. I have added 6" to the blankie. I have one more color stripe to knit then the last black stripe and the border. I hope to have it washed and blocked by MB's birthday. Should still be doable. I also put some time in on Hubby's socks yesterday. He now informs me he would like a new hat also. I have not added it to the holiday knitting list yet. Lets see how things look after the blankie is done. Who knows I may have time. There are after all about 34 knitting days left till Christmas.

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