Monday, October 22, 2007

Cast on cast off

I spent a good bit of time yesterday trying to pick a new project. I am knitting only yarn I have in the house till I am able to make some money. I just could not decide. I would start something only to realise that I did not have enough yarn or not enough colors. I am itching for some color work. I have patterns all picked but not the colors I want. So I started a pair of kid socks with the Purple Urple hand dyed from last spring.

I'm going to be working on some more hand dyes for the shop this week. The Etsy FAST group is having a challenge this month called Live Breath and Dye Fiber to go along with the trunk show. I think I may enter. I might even try to get an entry done for the Earth Elements challenge they have going for October. All challenge items are listed on Etsy. I'll post a link when I get it up. and speaking of the shop. I had a bit of inspirit ion yesterday as I was making Johnny Cake for brunch. I need to finish it up to see if it works but I may have a new item for sale very soon. It involves: Knitting, recycling and hot glue. What could be better?

In SAHM news MG is having her friend sleep over on Wednesday (no school Thursday). This should be fun. Our guest will be here all day Thursday while her Mom goes to work. I hope to make it out alive.

Mom,GAL,GAH, Rusty and I are planning a girls weekend in November and boy do I need it! The plan is to meet in Iowa City and just hang out together. I love these kinds of weekends. Good company and no kiddos! I can't wait!

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