Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The plan

I have been researching ways I can make $$ from home. There are 1000s of scams out there that seem to prey on women like me who want to work from their home while raising their kids. I have no great need to loose a lot of money on scams so after many hours in front of my pc checking things out I think I am going to try Ameriplan. This is a 15 year old company that hires independent business owners to be their brokers. They sell Medical/dental and vision discount plans. There are hundreds of providers in my area in their network. I have looked into what I might save with their dental plan (which I get free). Let me tell ya saving 60% on a crown or bridge work is a pretty big deal to me as well as most folks I know. I do not want to turn my knitting blog into a big ad for my Ameriplan business so this will be the only post about it. You can click here to see the benefits site and here to see the ibo site. If I can generate enough leads the rest is just talking to people. Shouldn't be too hard. I have just gotten everything set up and will start in earnest tomorrow. If you are interested after looking at the site just fill out the form to request a call and I will call you back. I think the benefits plan would be great for small business as well as families. The nice thing is for 1 price everyone in the house is covered. So if MIL lives with you she is covered too.

I am hoping this will work out well. I know it is not a get rich quick kind of thing and it will take work but I can do this and still do my Etsy business. So there it is. regular knitting/sahm content will resume with the next post.

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Don't forget the third quidditch trivia's out for HSKS 3. Go Gryffindor's!!