Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Meet BunkyBoBo!

So tonight I listed my first yarns on Etsy. You can find them here. These are Basilisk, Pumpkin Patch, Mashed Berries, and DoubleMint. (DoubleMint was Hubby's idea.I could'nt come up with a good one) I think I like the Pumpkin Patch one best.
Bunky and BoBo are the names Hubby and I called the MK's when they were babies. I wanted a shop name people would remember and sounded fun. So Hubby came up with BunkyBoBos... He is rather handy to have around.
So any feedback? any colorway you like best? I have a few more I want to try out. I am thinking mostly sock yarn but I will dye up whatever people seem to like. I need to order more yarn. I am going to try to repeat the color of MG's Poncho this weekend. Anyone care to draw me 2 cute little yarn monsters? oh and I made labels (no I did not hand write them) and a little giftee to with each yarn!

In knitting news: I got my cable from Knit Picks today and have cast on the Cobblestone Pullover. I am making the 2nd size as Hubby is a 40 and he wants it a little roomy. I am also working on a little design to maybe sell in the shop or submit to somebody. We will see about that one later. It is in my bag resting and thinking about what to do next... Now I am off to knit the Cobblestone and watch some cable news. Tomorrow I will be watching baseball. In October!
btw thats Bunky not Bucky


Anonymous said...

ooooh, purrrdy!

--you sp11

Laurie said...


I like the basilisk and the pumpkin patch. Actually, the two together in a fair isle design would be wonderful. Nice dying!