Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lovin' Life

gotta tell ya this whole sleeping till 7:00 am rocks! I then have a whole hour and 20 minutes to get the kids ready for the walk to school. We even have time to work on some reading and spelling words before we go. MG did not want us to walk her to the door today. She did not want her little friends to see her kiss and hug Mom and Little Brother goodbye. "They will make fun of me Mom!" So we walked to the edge of the field and said good bye. She met up with a little friend and the skipped happily to school hand in hand. MB then wanted to be carried home. At least I will be able to maintain my girlish figure!

I got the gusset of my 2nd sock done so I should have a finished pair by the weekend. I am still new enough at sock knitting that a finished pair is a thing of joy! Next socks will be matching Christmas socks for the MK's. This will have to be night time knitting so they don't see. New wool socks for Christmas morning! I might even be able to get a pair done for Hubby. I would have to buy more yarn if I want them all to match. I really should get started on the gift knitting, I hate to be rushed.

One more bit of news: I made my first sale on etsy! Ok so it was to family(Thanks GAL! You're the best) but with the first one under my belt maybe things will pick up. I got a big ole box of sock yarn yesterday so I will be firing up the dye pots today. I did one hank of DK last night and tried out a new method. We will have to see what it looks like dry. The color is not as deep as I would have hoped but the result is very interesting. I still have pink hands from the rinse. I am thinking I will do a few Christmas/Winter colorways too. hmm well off to look for inspiration.

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Laurie said...

What's the name of your shop on Etsy? Do you have a logo and all that to put on your sidebar of the blog?

Congrats on being able to sleep in and see the children through the small things throughout the day.