Friday, October 26, 2007

Yarn, hot glue and a Cocca box

So I knit up this square with some left over yarn thinking I might make a throw of squares some day. Then I took out the trash. When trash goes out I clean out the fridge and pantry. We had bought some hot cocoa at Costco the other day so I put all the flavors in one big box and was going to toss the boxes with the rest of the trash. I thought it was a shame to throw out this much tree so I left the boxes on the counter thinking I could wrap gifts in them. They are a nice size and shape. Then I looked at that square and went to fetch my hot glue gun. Who doesn't love to play with one of these? anyway I seamed up the square and put it around the box and stuck it down with the hot glue. The I folded the top over to the inside of the box. I think I will line the next box before I cover it but the top was long enough that you can't really tell this one is not lined. I like it. I can see tons of different shapes and uses for something like this. I also love that it is based on a found object and I used only scrapes to put it together. Yeah me! The next one is knit and awaiting felting. I did it in some of my hand dyed. The knitting goes super fast, and I can do just about anything I feel like. Maybe even some colorwork. I am also thinking about chip cans,boxes and jars of all shapes and sizes. What fun gifts. So what do you think? Would you buy such a thing?


Hege said...

I think it's great.
And the colour is beautiful :)
I want to make one too ;)

have a great weekend :)

Laurie said...

What a great idea!
I love the colorway you used.
I can see my students making these for their parents for gifts! Great practice for them and a gift in the end. How creative of you!