Thursday, October 18, 2007

Rain rain go away

We are in to our 4th straight rainy day. We need some sunshine, the lawn is out of control and so wet now that any attempt to mow would be a disaster . MB and I have been stuck in the house most of the week. He has some sniffles today and I can feel my fall cold coming on so we are staying in. As I type he is asleep in my bed. He sleeps in his bed at night but for some reason this week he will only nap if I let him in my bed. Ah well it is a small price to pay. I have been so busy with stuff for my new business and BunkyBoBos it seem like I am working more hours now just at different times. I get quite a lot done between 9:00 pm and midnight.

In knitting news: I am half way through the body of the Cobblestone pullover. The knitting on this is pretty mindless right now so it goes by pretty fast. I only work on it when Hubby is gone. The bubble wrap socks are really close to being done. I have a few more rounds to do on the toe and then weave the end. Most of my knitting time lately has been on a secret project for my SP11. I need to get it done so I can send it off. I meant to have it sent for her birthday. I am sending her just one more box (shipping to EU is outrageous!). I really packed the first box and I forwarded a KnitPicks order for her so the first box was huge. This next one will be a bit smaller. Speaking of SP11 my spoliee knows who I am.(Hi Simone!) I had to tell her for the KP order. She is very cool you can check out her blog here. She also has an Etsy shop. Check her out!

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Betty said...

Reminder - Don’t forget to look for the snitch Saturday to help out the Gryffindor house. We rock.