Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New fall colors

The leaves are changing here so I did up some fall colorways. The Green and brown is a little darker than it looks. (blogger does something to my pics cuz my color was good when I edited the pics) It is called Macduff. Hubby played that role in '97(From Macbeth) and wore a costume these colors. The scene at the end of the play when he fights and kills Macbeth was amazing! He really is quite good with the sword.
The other yarn is called Rust. It is red/orange/copper. I love it! It is dk weight merino and would be good for color work. I have 2 more skeins of the dk I might do up to go with it. I will put these up in the shop some time today. My sock yarn should come today so look for it soon. I got Merino wool. Yummy.
My favorite time of day has become walk to and from school time. the MK's just love to be outside and the walking is doing everyone good. MB likes to make it a mini adventure. This morning it was brick and fall like so out come the hats and scarves. ( I wore my new scarf from my SP11 and I love it!) I also found hand coverings are lacking in the house so I will be looking at patterns and whipping some up in short order. I am sure there is plenty in the stash box for some kid mittens. The Cobblestone is really moving along well. I am on the 3rd ball of yarn. I got 14 and the pattern calls for 13 so I should be ok.
I must now go and watch SpongeBob with MB and then to the post office. Oh yeah I'm lovin life!!

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Tia said...

What is your etsy site? I would love to support you. :)