Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I just dyed up my first batch of roving. It came out really nice. It should be up in the shop tomorrow.

As for knitting: I am still working on all my projects. The DIC scarf is close to done ( 6 repeats to go). I love it! I am writing the pattern today. Other than that I got nothing. Well not nothing... I did get a fabric covered binder done today. I will take pictures to show you tomorrow. My Mom used to make these and they were always a hit. I am going to do one more full size one and then a little one for the shop. I think they will make great scrapbooks for someone...and...
I made slipper soles! I have a bag of old leather pieces left over from a show that is perfect for these. I am going to try out a pair on some socks and maybe put some of these in the shop too.

The MK's are very excited about their trip to Texas in April. MG keeps telling me about Mawmas pool and how she can swim when ever she wants. I am glad they are so excited. Maybe this means they have forgotten the ugly scene from last summer. MIL does not seem upset that I am not coming too. She told me not to pack anything for the kids. "I'll pick up what ever I need." I'll let Hubby pack. I am not sure he has thought about that drive with just the kids... Should be interesting.

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