Thursday, February 28, 2008

Blog tag

So I was tagged! I am to list 10 weird things about myself and then tag 5 others. Thanks Neeley!

so here goes.

1 I don't like seafood. Nothing from the sea.

2 I never wear make up.

3 I once had dinner with Ken Kesey

4 I have run the bases at Wrigley Field in heels

5 I go a little nuts if I forget my watch.

6 I have never watched Law & Order

7 In college I worked a MC Hammer concert. (scary)

8 I did a lighting design For The Rocky Horror Show while I was 8 mo pregnant with my son. It was the biggest show I had ever done and I had to call in another designer because I couldn't remember how to work the board.

9 I use Gaffers tape to fix everything.

10 I once had to mix up stage blood in 55 gallon drums for a show. We used 2 per show, plus blood packs. Did you know that cheep(the dry kind) condoms make the best blood packs? I know about 10 ways to make stage blood.

Cool eh?

So I will tag:
I know thats only 3 oh well.

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