Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Warm head for me.

Here is my new winter hat. And not a moment too soon. It is cold and snowing this morning.

I used Knit Picks Merino Style for the hat and KP shine sport for the liner. You see it here pre blocking. I like it, it is really warn. If I had it to do over (and I do) I would add 1/2 a repeat of the colorwork. It just hits the top of my ears. I am not really crazy about the yarn. It is soft and nice to knit with but seem to be pilling a bit already. I will have to see how it wears.

The pattern I just sort of made up as I went along. If anyone wants to know I will do up a pattern.

It is cold and icky this morning. For some reason people can not remember how to drive in this weather. This makes me crazy. We had snow and ice less than 2 weeks ago people! remember? They are not all that fast with the snow removal around so we have to be careful.

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