Thursday, February 28, 2008

Feeling Fine

Today's roving came out perfect. Drying now. Dry Faster!

My slipper soles came out great too. I want to get the felted clogs pattern from fiber trends and try them out on some of those. I think A pair for my Dad...

The rest of this week I am going to work on making things from my store of craft supplies to put up in the shop. I want to raise some $$ for the trip to Colorado this summer. We will be spending a day at the wool festival. I am hoping to have some $$ to spend. I want to get a bunch of bag tags made to hand out to people I meet there. I want my shop to work out so I figure why not take advantage of the huge pile of knitters in one of my favorite places? Anybody else going?

My knitting goes on. I have knit the first dozen squares of a new blanket. These are just garter st so I can work on it whenever. My socks are also coming along.

There is now a heel and gusset. Yarn is Socks That Rock light in Lapis. I don't love it really. Maybe I would like the Medium better. It twists up a lot when knitting. They are pretty though. Jade scarf is as done as it will be for now. I am going to make a hat from the other skein and then add whats left to the scarf. It sure is pretty. Too bad I don't have anything to wear it with. The Wollmeise scarf is on hold for now. I just don't love the feel of the knitted fabric. maybe blocking will help...That's all for today. Watch the shop tomorrow for more roving.

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