Friday, February 29, 2008

Good News Everyone!

So last night I got a very nice e-mail from Pam of Yarny Goodness. I have read her blog for a while now and knew she was opening an online shop to feature Indie artisans. She has beautiful yarns on the site and a good amount of traffic. Pams goal is to promote indies where ever she can and give them a place to sell their wears.
Well Pam asked me if I would consider putting my yarns in her shop! Heck Yeah!!! I am pretty excited. I will be sending her yarn,roving's and bag tags the first part of next week. When they go up I will let you all know. I am sending what I have on hand for now. I am going to order more blanks and dye up some colorways just for YG.

If you have some time check out all the yarns she has in the shop now. Great stuff!

Boy it is hard to type when you are jumping up and down.

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Lorena said...


I am so giggling to be able to say "I knew you when"!