Sunday, February 10, 2008

Odds & Ends

Well Obama won Nebraska. Not really surprised as he was here in town 2 days before. This has been a really intresting election. I personally can not wait for GWB to be gone. He has messed things up so bad I can't see how the Dems could lose in November.

Had a nice morning out with MG yesterday. My LYS had moved to a new location and we went to check it out. Joe, who runs the place was just beaming as he showed MG and I around. MG was bored to death after 10 minutes of yarn talk. She wanted to look at the art gallery (part of same business) So I got out without buying anything. I will go back when they get some more Malabrigo. The new shop is so much bigger than the old one. Yeah! and places to knit with good light. Very nice.

I took yesterday "off" and should get the last of the new yarns skeined and pictures taken today.Stay tuned for Orange Crush, Hang Ten, and Sweeney Todd...

In knitting news: If all goes well I will work the border of the Pi blanket tonight after the MK's go to bed. Then the thing will be done. It is quite cozy to knit now as it coveres my lap. I am not sure when I learned to knit without looking but the miles of knit sts in this blanket might have done it.
Last night Hubby and I watched Air Guitar Nation. If you have not seen it (we saw it on VH1) do. I bet the whole Air Guitar thing has really taken off. Grown Men going half way around the world to see who is the best Air Guitar Player. I won't say who wins but C-Diddy and Boirn Toroque are the USA entries and they are a hoot. Boirn makes a point of telling his fellows not all Americans like where their country is going. Very telling bit right at the end. I would add that an adult drinkie( or 3) will help this film along. However if you enjoy grown men acting silly (and who doesn't?) check it out.

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