Monday, February 18, 2008

Dear Toph

It is your cuteness that keeps me from taking your head off you know.
Don't get me wrong... I like you and you are very cute, but you do know I can fit your head in my mouth...just saying...
Note from human. No doge were harmed here today. They play like this alot now and are rather cute about it. Toph will stick her whole nose in his mouth and then roll over.
btw she has gained 6 lbs and the vet says she looks great. And bless the vet tech for doing the shot and taking of temp out of sight of the MKs. They have the best folks working there. The vet did say we should not board Toph untill she is a year old so she will have to go along on the family travles this year. We will have to see what we can work out. Vet says boarding them together is not really a good idea because of the other dogs and such.

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