Saturday, February 23, 2008

If Hillary loses

I think it will be Bills fault. Don't get me wrong I like Bill and voted for him twice... I just think he could not remember to think about the fact that she is held accountable for his words in a way that no body else has to put up with. They tried to hang Obama with his wife's words and it did not stick. But Hillary has to carry every word Bill says on her back. Its a shame really, part of me would really like to hear Madame President... and I think she would make a good one.

Before you go hating me I am not anti-Obama. I think he is a great guy. I just worry that he is a rookie. And things won't change because he says they will. I wish they would but I just don't see it happening. If he wins I will vote for him and encourage others to do so...

But man I would have like to punch my ballot for all the women who came before, and for my own little girl...

End of primary election commentary

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