Thursday, February 14, 2008

Jump Around and a contest

MG is going to participate in Jump Rope For Heart at school. This is an event to raise money for AHA. All the money she raises goes to the American Heart Association. The program is designed to get kids moving, and give them a goal to work to. MG is excited. She did well last year and had a great time.
If you would like to sponser her just follow the link. If she raises $50.00 she gets a tee shirt. If she raises $150.00 she is in the running for a family trip to Disney World.

I will keep you posted as to how she does. Last year she made $30.00 so we are hoping for better this year, So if you donate, come back here and leave me a comment. Next friday (02-22-08) I will put the comments in a hat and let MG pick one. The lucky winner will get a skein of BunkyBoBos hand dyed and a nice note of thanks from MG. She has to turn her list in on thursday 02/21/08 so all donations and comments must be left by the end of the 20th.

So to recap: Give a little coin to a good cause and get a chance for some free yarn! You will not only help a good cause, your donation will make my little girl feel like she did something speical.

ETA I did not know you had to do at least $25.00 on the web site. I will still have the contest so anyone who comments will be in the drawing. Thanks

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Elyse said...

Hey! I went to donate but it has to be $25 or more. I want to help out but I can only do $10. Is it okay if I give it to you at SnB next time? Since it's less than $25 I don't have to be in the drawing though.