Sunday, June 22, 2008

It doesn't suck

Hubby and I have a little saying about our place in the Fraser valley of Colorado: "it doesn't suck"

We love it there. The people are friendly, the air is clean and the scenery is to beautiful. I spent part of each afternoon just as you see me in the picture. Knitting by the pool watching the MK's swim. (the pool is heated) It did not suck a bit. I got the socks you see done. They are for Hubby. How cool is it the Hubby will wear socks that loud? (yarn is BMFA STR in Ct Cluckla)

Below is a shot from the bank of Monarch Lake. We found this lake while driving the back country roads around Lake Granby. You have to get out of the car and walk a bit to find the lake but it is so worth it. The views are stunning. The MK's had fun on our walk. They were pretending they were Indiana Jones on an adventure. MB is fearless. More than once I found myself pulling him away from the river that feeds the lake.( All the water levels in the valley are high. They had 400" of snow this past winter.) The entire valley is greener than we have seen in the past. There seems to be less Pine Beetle damage too. I uploaded all the pictures to flickr.

You should be able to see them all there.

We had perfect weather the whole trip. We had about 5 minutes of sunny mountain rain the last day and that was it.

We did see some storms though. We hear they beat Denver pretty good though.

Back later with a post about our trip to the yarn mill and pictures of the Estes stash. I have yarn to get ready for a shop update tonight and tomorrow.


meg said...

That's beautiful scenery -- and you look like you're enjoying it.

Beth said...

Sounds like a great trip!