Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More with the not sucking

On Father's Day, Hubby wanted fish for dinner so we went fishing. Here he is with MB's first catch. This fish is too small to eat so MB threw him back. MB thinks throwing him back was the most fun part. Here is MG and her first fish. A keeper! She was much more interested in fishing after catching this one. 12 inches!
MG was not to happy with holding the fish for the picture. MB has no fear of the little fish. Or anything else for that matter!
Hubby did get a fish. A 14" trout that he did in fact have for dinner. I took the kids swimming shortly after the above pictures and Hubby spent the next few hours fishing all by himself. He was happy for the break as the MK's lost interest pretty quick. It took them about 2 hours to get the first fish. We did a little more fishing later in the week. I can't remember how many they threw back. MB loves that part. "So they can get big Mom!"
Am I fishing? Ah no. Not my thing really. But we had a great time. That night Hubby grilled his fish and made pizzas for the kids. We saw a fox as we sat on the porch. The fox seems to live near by. He made the rounds of the parking lot late at night to see is anyone left the dumpster open. It is against the law to feed wildlife in Colorado. People are pretty good about keeping that dumpster closed. Fox seems to know this but checks anyway. Almost every night we were there.
We also saw lots of Elk this trip. They graze right in peoples yards. There is plenty of green for them to munch on this year too.

Father's Day was also our 12 Wedding Anniversary. Happy 12 years Baby! I love you.

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