Thursday, June 05, 2008

On Board

Well now that the Dems have decided that Obama is our man it is time to get on board. He is a moving speaker and really knows how to work his crowd. You can bet there won't be any "my girl didn't win so I'm voting for McBush" here but I do want to say this. Stop telling HRC she needs to get out today so she does not hurt BHO's chances. She is not hurting him in anyway this week. She wants to end her run on her terms not the medias. Let us not forget she has gotten closer than any women in history. Even if you didn't vote for her you have to admit that her run is every bit as historic as his (more so imo as we girls still get short shift all over the world). She wants to end it her own way and not make it seem like the boys pushed her out. Give her a break. It will all be over this weekend and we can move on. BHO needs her and her voters to beat McBush in the fall. Oh and for the record the glass ceiling only shatters when a women sits in the Oval office. Close only counts in Horseshoes. (and also for the record I wanted to vote for Edwards)

So enough of that. Obama is our man! Lets get him in The White House! As he said the other night "...This is our moment, this is our remake our country" (I am quoteing from memory here. I'm close) Lets use it well.

In knitting news I don't have much. I have been busy cleaning the house for my MIL's visit. She is coming Sunday. She won't tell us where they are staying or for how long.sigh. She has not been here since the ugliness last summer. My plan is to smile and nod a lot. If it gets bad I will take my knitting and go somewhere. I don't want the kids to witness another breakdown like the last one. The upside is my house is nice and clean. I even cleaned under the fridge! Her husband the LTC Jim is coming too. I had better get some beer for him. They have been on the go for 2 weeks already. We are their last stop before heading towards home.LTC likes his beer and his home.He also dislikes the drama MIL can stir up. He and I get along well and he feels bad about the way she acts sometimes. I just have to remind myself that she has a short fuse and can not always help herself.

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