Tuesday, June 10, 2008

This should make you laugh

Yesterday MG came out of the bathroom and told me she had flushed my deodorant down the toilet. There was no water on the floor but something was clogging it up. Hubby tried the plunger but no luck. I stuck my hand as far in there as I could and I could feel the thing but I could not grab it. So Hubby takes the tank off the thing think we could reach it from the top. Well we could not. So I stuck my hand in again thinking I could tip it up a bit and it would drop down to me. Well I was able to get it to move but in the wrong direction. No way I can get my arm to bend that way.. Hubby removed the toilet and turned it over only to find the hole is too small to get it out. After much shaking of the crapper to see if we could get it out the way it went in, Hubby finally pried it out with his screwdriver.
The best part is MIL and Lt Col arrived as I had my arm jammed in the crapper! it was a sight I can tell you. Poor MG was pretty sure she was in huge trouble but it was not her fault. (I leave things on the tank all the time) Poor thing I think I scared her more when I told her my arm was stuck in there forever. She was upset until I pulled my arm out. All is now well... The crapper has been restored, My arm has been washed and we will not leave pit stick on the tank ever again.

Oh and I started another mindless sock. I wanted to see if I could turn the heel from memory. I can.

In other news: We leave for the Rockies in 3 days! I can not wait! The weather there is going to be cooler (60-70 for the most part) and I hope dryer. We have had so much rain here. The lawn is out of control even with weekly mowing. I have our camping gear all ready to go and just need to pack clothes and knitting. I was planing on just knitting socks the whole time I am out there but I may need something else too. This may be a good time to knit some gifts. I will be able to go to the local library and check e-mail but I don't think I will be blogging.

I got 11 lbs of superwash merino sock yarn the other day and the first batch is soaking now. If I am lucky they may be dry in 3 days! I plan on getting most of this dyed after our trip but there will be a few new colors before then, as well as Sweeney Todd sock yarn! I think my fall colors are going to be The Rocky Mountain collection. I always find myself inspired there.

Check back tomorrow for details on the Find Sandyknits at EWM game. (I have prizes) I should have pretty yarn pics too!

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Beth said...

Your hand up the crapper, what a hilarious story!