Saturday, June 07, 2008

Just a little update

Boy yesterday was so busy. The MK's were so wound up they did not sleep until almost 11:30.

We had our 5th swimming lesson in the morning. Both kids are doing well. Leah will be doing the front and back craw by the end and MB is floating and fearless. Oddly enough there is another little boy with the same name in his class who is 20 days younger. They are good buddies. Each has an older sister who will start 2nd grade this fall. We all got together after class for lunch in our park. All the kids had a great time.

After the park I got both kids in and out of the bath and dressed pretty for Hubbys Step Sisters wedding. Hubby had to work so I took the kids to the Elmwood Park Grotto and found a good place to see on the path out because MB was not going to be quiet. It was hot and no shade for the Bridal party. Hubbys Dad (The Major) walked the bride down the aisle beaming and a little sweaty. I felt bad for the guys in black shirts and black suits with pink ties. We met Hubby after work to go to the reception where we knew no one but the bride and the Major and his wife. I know her other kids but... well if you don't have anything nice to say...
It was a nice party with bad food and a DJ who couldn't get his mic to work right. MB threw a nicely timed fit after the toast and we went home. The good news is the Major and his wife want the MK's to visit with them for a week this summer. I love the Major dearly but he has been distant lately. Hubby and I will go pick them up and spend a long weekend in July. They have a place on the lake. The Major wants to teach them to fish. It will be a good chance for the MK's to get to know these grandparents. MG is very excited to fish and swim in the lake. It will be a good time to dye up the 10 lbs of sock yarn I just ordered.

Mil and the Lt Col will be here tomorrow morning. They are heading out again on Tuesday morning so you might not see much of me until then. I have floors to clean and GAL's yarn soaking. I need to get that dyed today. can't soak forever.

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Beth said...

Hi, Sandy. I haven't been blogging much lately, but hear I am checking in to say hi and let you know that this post made me LOL about MB and his timely fit!