Thursday, June 12, 2008

Find Sandy

So if you find me at The Estes Wool Market I will have a little prize for you! (I have 20 of these Wishful thinking) But Sandy you never post your picture. How will we know its you? Well I will be carrying the above backpack (and red GoKnit pouch) and wearing my red Winter Park hat. I am going to the bloggers meet up on Saturday too! I will only be at the market on Saturday. I will have the family with me for part of the day so you may spot the MK's. Come on up and say Hi! Tell me you read the blog and you get a little prize!
See that pretty blue/purple one? That's for me. Yep I am keeping that one. I plan to knit it on the trip. I love the brown and gold so much I made an extra. I may keep that one too. I will do more of both when I get home.
I am thinking of calling it Long Neck.

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