Tuesday, March 18, 2008

guess what happened to my Mom...

So Mom and her guide dog Jan were waiting for their bags at the airport the other day and Mom was chatting with 2 nice young ladies she had met there. A 3rd woman came up and asked to pet the guide dog. Mom explained that you shouldn't pet working dog when they are in harness and Jan was having a rough week. Mom went on to explain that if Jan gets too excited she tends to walk Mom into things. The lady was freindly, said ok and walked away. (this is not always the case) One on the other ladies says to Mom:
"Wow I didn't think you would say No to a Movie star"
Turns out it was Kirstie Alley. She did not have her make up on and Mom didn't know her voice so Mom had no idea. Too funny.
People ask to pet the dog all the time and Mom almost always says No because of the way the guides work. Sorry Kirstie, nothing personal.

ps I ordered the Hitchhiker. Hubby really wanted to get me a wheel so I ordered it. Should have it next week!


Lorena said...

Your mom sounds too cool! And congratulations on the Hitchhiker. I've not spun on one but they look cute as pie.

bockstark.knits said...

wow, what a great story! you never think that celebrities do "normal" things like ask someone to pet their dog!