Saturday, March 01, 2008


Well here is the one picture. I have to retake the others. I really like how this come out. The color is a little washed out here. Even in good light it is hard to get the color perfect. The blue is aqua. It reminds me of spring. This one will go to Yarny Goodness on Monday so look for them there.
New base yarns are on the way so I will have more for the shop. I only placed a small order. If this batch sells well I think I will order 20 lbs. I am so excited!
To help promote my indie artist brothers and sisters and pay the karma fairy a little I am going to feature different artist on the blog each week. I know many bloggers do this but I don't mind jumping on this bandwagon. I am not gonna commit to a day of the week. But I will try to keep up. I have my first ready to go I just need to take some pictures.
In Wii news: I have started playing the Wii sports. I am pretty good at bowling (I suck in real life) and not too bad at tennis. Golf and baseball I just plain suck at. Boxing I just don't get yet. Hubby did get me the World Series Of Poker game and I am pretty good at it. I have never liked video games before but this is kind of fun. I can now see how people have hurt them self. I think I have Wii elbow.

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