Saturday, March 22, 2008

Keep It Simple Stupid

When I was running shows I would say this to everybody all the time. Keep is simple less to go wrong... Well the Wollmeise scarf that I was knitting got pretty messed up about 10 inches in and I ended up frogging it. The yarn is so pretty I wanted to really show it off so I went with Keep It Simple Stupid.

Just ss on the bias with a garter border. Easy and so pretty. I want to wear this to EWM in June. Should be easy as I'm pretty far along now.


Cast on 32 Sts

Knit 8 rows

next row(row1) K4,kf&b, k21,SSK,K4

(row2) K4,p24,K4

Repeat these 2 rows till you think you are done. Knit 8 rows bind off, Block. Want it wider? cast on more st. Skinny scarf? cast on less. See Simple.

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