Friday, March 28, 2008

One More Week

In a week I will be packing to go to Moms! I will miss the kiddos and Hubby but I still think this is the best idea. I will go next time. However 5 days in Chicago land with a yarn crawl planned with my Friend Troll is going to be great! I plan to hang out and knit with Mom and GAL and eat pizza and Portillo's and Hot Beef Sandwiches. I can not get a decent hot beef in this town to save my life! I am coming home a few days before the hubby and mks so I will have some time to get the house cleaned and chill out before the crazy returns.

Oh and if you go to Yarny Goodness right now you just might see some more new stuff... go ..go now!

1 comment:

Purl said...

I am jealous! I LOVE Chicago.

And I am so happy that I don't have to be anonymous anymore!