Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More stuff

Pam just keeps adding stuff over at YG. Keep checking back there. She said my stuff should go up today. That is about the only good thing to happen here today. I spent all morning trying to make an ad for Raverly. I think I have it now. ( I hope). Shop sales have been pretty flat so I hope the ad helps.

In other news. MB kept at the SB game and now has a pretty good handle on it. Daddy helped him a bit last night. He will be a pro in no time. I still suck at video games but who cares...

I had a new comment on my 2nd ever post to this blog today. Someone wanted to tell me all about their drug treatment program. The comment said "I hope you don't see this as spam..." well I do and decided to call the 24 hour tool free number. I got a machine. Ah maybe I am crazy but shouldn't someone answer the 24 hour drug treatment number? Idiots!

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