Wednesday, March 26, 2008

People who Rock

So I got in touch with a very nice lady on Ravelry who helped me with my ad. Char is so nice and her ad is so much better that what I came up with. I sent her some pictures and before Idol was over I had a new ad! I am going to have her do ads for the new line when its ready. She wants to knit her Great Grand daughter a dress so I'm going to dye up some yarn for her. I am so greatful for her help. Graphic design was never my strong point. There are indeed good people out there who work for yarn! Lucky me. Thanks again Char! You rock!

On an American Idol side note: How hot is that David Cook? I sort of hope for his sake he doesn't win because then he will be stuck in the AI machine. If he goes in 4th or 5th place he will have a better chance I think.
Also what was up with Paula's outfit? Is this what women are wearing now? Ah no thanks.

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