Monday, March 10, 2008

Coffee time!

When I started staying home with the kids I started making Hubbys coffee in the morning rather than have him buy coffee everyday. We got a new coffee pot for Christmas (thanks Mom and Dad) so for Valentines day I got Hubby a coffee grinder and a pound of coffee. I ordered the coffee from a fellow Etsy seller Daves Home Roast. Dave offers many different kinds of coffee that he roast to order for you, and then ships right to your door. I am not much of a coffee person but I can tell good coffee from bad and this stuff is good. Hubby loves it and it is something I keep buying him from my yarn money. It my little way a of thanking him for loving me. Anyway...

All of the money Dave makes from his wonderful coffee go to:

"100% of the money you spend benefits Batten Disease Support and Research Association. I am donating my costs, including raw materials and shipping. Batten disease is a rare, terminal illness which afflicts one of my sons, Clifford."

I read up on Batten Disease when I bought our first pound. I won't get in to the details. It is nothing nice. If you are a coffee lover check out Daves coffee. It is fresh and roasted to order for you every time. Dave seems like a great guy. He has been very helpful answering all my questions. His turnaround is fast too. And for the price I have not found a better value. Store bought just can't beat Dave for freshness. So go buy coffee. It taste good and helps a worthy cause.

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