Thursday, March 27, 2008

MK Update

Last night Hubby got stuck in Lincoln again so I had to take the MK's with me to parent/teacher conference. to their credit they were pretty quiet until the end and no seem bothered with MB yelling about wanting to go to school with MG.
MG (this is the part where I brag about my kid. Just sayin) is doing very well in school. She is in the top groups for reading and math. She is doing great in music and art too! Her teacher says she can always count on MG to help out in the classroom. and not just the teacher. Mrs. B says MG is always willing to help her fellow students too. Mrs B also says MG has a good understanding of community. See why I am proud? Looks like my little girl might turn into a pretty good citizen of the world.

I can't leave MB out so I have this little gem for you today. It has been nice enough to walk home from school this week so on Monday we set off to pick up MG. MB saw an empty beer can on the grass and picked it up. I told him it was someones trash and we just needed to throw it away so he gave it to me and I walked to school with an empty beer can. We threw it out and went on with our day. On Tuesday MB picked up about 25 different pieces of trash along the way for me to throw out. "We can't litter Mom!" So I walked to school with an armload of trash. Wednesday comes around and we get to the end of the driveway and MB says "I have idea Mom... I need a bag" So I got him an old grocery sac and off we go. Instead of playing on the playground while we waited for the bell to ring. MB walked around the field picking up little bits of trash. On our way home he handed the bag to the teacher who mans the overpass and says "I cleaned up for you" The teacher for his part was very nice about being handed a bag of trash,
"Thank You" says the teacher then he winked at me and just walked off with MB's bag of trash.

Now someone explain to me why he won't pick up his room?

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