Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

So I got up this morning and went out to Michael's. They had 25% off until 9:00am and I needed some white wool. What a zoo. There were 2 ladies fighting over the last tree of some kind. It was sitting on the shelf while these 2 went on about who saw it first. As this was going on another woman picked it up, put it in her cart and walked off. The 2 seemed not to notice. Ah Christmas brings out the best in people. The woman ahead of me at the cash wrap told the poor checker that the store should have opened earlier(they opened at 6:00am)Crazy.

I got what I needed and went home, I'll finish shopping later when the crazies have gone home for a nap.

In knitting news the first sleeve is done on the Cobblestone, one to go then we join it up. MG's socks are moving along, I am at the heel of sock #2. Won't be long now.

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