Saturday, November 24, 2007

Holiday list/Holiday blog

As we jump full swing into the Holidays around here I wanted to take a moment to list what in need to get done knitting wise before Christmas. So here goes:
1 Finish Cobblestone for Hubby
2 Finish sock#2 for MG
3 Finish tam
4 Knit 2 pair fingerless mitts
5 Knit 1 (or 2) drawstring gift bags
6 Knit and felt 1 pair slippers
7 Stuff 2 knitted balls
and if there is time:
mittens for the kids
and two more knit balls

That is quite a list. I think I have the yarn for everything on it but do I have the time? I have to ship a bunch of this stuff so I figure I have until December 20 to get it out. Should be doable. Keep telling me that....

I am using my own hand dyed yarns for some of these. The first project is coming out really nice. Now I just need to sit and knit. This sounds simple I know but the MK's are not really interested in letting Mommy knit when there is a tree to put up and cookies to bake. I am looking forward to the cookie baking time. I have not had enough in recent years and this year I am doing all my favorite Christmas cookies and sweets. MG's school has a bake sale coming up and there will be cookies for gifts as well. Yummy!

One more thing before I go. I am going do a series of post for December called the 25 days of Christmas. Each post will be about something I love about this time of year. Recipes, movies, music. All kinds of little things that make life a little sweeter during the holidays. What are some of your favorite Holiday things?. Feel free to join me in the 25 Days of Christmas. Drop me a comment if you do. I would love to read them and maybe discover some new things. I will start December 1. Happy Holidays.

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